41 Different Ways to Repurpose Your Old Yoga Mat

Yoga is a great form of exercise that is healthy for the body and mind. A Yoga mat is a perfect companion for your yoga sessions. Always invest in a good-quality yoga mat that is sturdy, comfortable, and durable. If you are not impressed with your current yoga mat, look for a better replacement. But, what do you do with your old yoga mat? Is there a way to repurpose your old yoga mat? 

Especially when you consider the environmental hazards, it is best not to just throw them away. So what are the options apart from discarding your old yoga mat? Let’s look at a few ideas to help you repurpose that old yoga mat in a way that will help the earth.

Here are some ideas to repurpose an old Yoga Mat:

  1. No-slip grip under area rugs
    • Use the old yoga mat under your are argus in the bedroom, living room, or in the kitchen. Yoga mats act as a no-slip grip and prevent any unexpected falls or accidents.
  2. Place under glasses in the cabinets
    • Wall cabinets or your kitchen cabinets look wonderful when you use glasses in them. But the downside is that glasses tend to slip away. One way to stop them from slipping away is to place your old yoga mat under the cabinet glass.
  3. Kitchen drawer liner
    • A Kitchen drawer liner protects your drawer from spills and scratches. Using newspaper, plastic is the old and obsolete way, use your old yoga mat as a kitchen drawer liner.
  4. Mouse pad for your computer
    • An old yoga mat is a great alternative for your mouse pad. A PE yoga mat can be a great mouse pad for your desk setup.
  5. Use it  around doors or windows
    • This yog mat can be used to plug up drafty areas around doors or windows
  6. Use as a liner underneath house plants
    • Use as a liner underneath house plants and pots. This protects your floors or carpets from getting damaged.
  7. Use as Outdoor Doormats
    • Cut and use it as an indoor and outdoor mat for cleaning shoes to keep mud and dirt getting into the house. This can be a great fit in closets or an entryway for muddy shoes.
  8. Grip pad to open jars
    • One innovative way to use your fabric yoga mat is to use it to open tight jars in the kitchen.
  9. Use under furniture legs
    • Cut your yoga mat into small amounts to place them under furniture legs on a wood or ceramic floor to adjust the balance.
  10. As a packing materials
    • Use your old mat for packing materials when shipping goods. Use it instead of old newspaper or bubble wrap.
  11. Cut out letters and numbers.
    • You can Cut out letters, numbers, and shapes in the mat for the kids to play within the tub or pool.
  12. Use as a platform
    • This old mat can be used as floor mat for messy projects like play dough and finger painting.
  13. Use as a padding
    • Shred the mats and use them underplay structures for extra padding for kids while playing.
  14. Make them into baseball bases.
    • Use your old yoga mat as a baseball base on the ground.
  15. No-slip mats for the bathtub.
    • Yoga mats are made from a non-slip material, so using them as a no-slip grip in the bathroom or the swimming pool area is a good option.
  16. Use it on the car seat for pets
    • Use the mat to protect your car seat when transporting pets to the vet or groomer.
  17. Padding in your pet carrier
    • While transporting your pets it is a good idea to use them as the padding underneath the carrier.
  18. Under the litter box to control the mess
    • Use the old mat as a litter mat under your favorite pet’s box to absorb any liquid coming out of the box. It will also prevent litter from getting onto the floor.
  19. Turn into a pallet for your pet to sleep on.
    • Convert your mat to a pallet so that your dog/cat can sleep on it. It can be a warm pad for your pet to sleep on.
  20. Use it as a No-slip surface for the truck of your car
    • The non-slip surface for the yoga mat is ideal for the truck of your car. It will prevent damage to your car body and will hold anything put on it in one place.
  21. Seat cushions for outdoor events.
    • No benches, no chairs in an outdoor event. No problems. Use your old mat as a cushion to sit and enjoy your favorite sport. Also, it can be sued if the seat of the chair is soiled.
  22. Beach trips to sit on in the sand
    • Take it along with you on your next beach trip and use it to sit on the sand. This way it will prevent sand from getting into your pants/trousers.
  23. Use it as an extra sleeping cushion
    • Your old yoga mat can be used as an extra sleeping cushion on camping trips with sleeping bags.
  24. Use it as a pad to protect your car.
    • If you haul things on your car or truck, use the old mat as a pad to protect your car or truck.
  25. Windshield shade in the car
    1. Use it as a windshield shade in the car to block sunlight flashing on your face.
  26. Padding for working under the car.
    • If you have to get under your car for maintenance or you work in the garage, use the old mat to put underneath while you work on the car.
  27. Knee pads for working in the garden
    • Knee pads can cost $15-$50 per piece but if you are looking for a cheaper option use your old yoga mat as a knee pad. They will protect your knees from possible injuries or bruises from working in the garden.
  28. Donate to an animal shelter for use as bedding.
    • Horse stall mats or animal mats are costlier options and owners hesitate to spend on them. Donate to the firms so that they can use them as bedding for the animals in the shed.
  29. Donate to a nursing home for their use
    • Old yoga mats can be used in nursing homes as doormats, protective cushioning, so if you have any donate them to the nearest nursing home.
  30. Use them in the garage walls.
    • Hang on the walls of your garage to keep the car doors from hitting the wall and protect them from getting damaged.
  31. Use as Kitchen mat
    • Kitchens can be messy and wet, using an old yoga mat will absorb the liquid spills. Use them to prevent your feet from spreading the messy liquid all over the floor.
  32. Use as Flip Flops
    • A different approach to use an old yoga mat to use it as flip flops
  33. Carpet a tree house or play structure.
    • Use as a floor in your kid’s Treehouse, indoor tents, other play areas
  34. Use as a Corner Wrap
    • Wrap one around a sharp edge or corner that you always run into, this way it will prevent injuries. It works great if you have kids at home.
  35. Put it underneath exercise equipment
    • Put it underneath an exercise bike or treadmill to protect the floor and also to reduce noise during use.
  36. Use as a Food Mat while serving food to your pets
    • Place one underneath pet food and water bowls to keep them from spilling or moving it around.
  37. Use them as trivets in the kitchen
    • Cut them into interesting shapes and use them as trivets in the kitchen.
  38. Christmas Tree Ornaments
    • Make creative ornaments to use for Christmas tree decorations.
  39. Donate to homeless shelters for sleeping pads
    • Yoga mats are 5-6 feet long and can be used as sleeping pads.
  40. Sound-proofing in music studios
    • Use your old mats to soundproof your music or recording studio. 
  41. Donate to a Yoga School or a Yoga Instructor
    • Check with your local yoga teachers to see if they could use them.

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Final Words

These are the 41 different ways you can repurpose your old yoga mat. If you have any unique suggestions then write them in the comments section.

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