10 Best Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

You all could already be recognizing that not all the yoga mats are moisture-resistant, and people that sweat a whole lot or struggle with Palmar hyperhidrosis rapidly shed grip and also equilibrium on the yoga mat. They require the best sweat-resistant yoga mats that are closed-cell and help people with sweaty hands.

Do you learn about the close cell building innovation? It is one of the contemporary designs that stop the sweatiness from hands and feet from getting passed through right into the yoga mat; most yoga mats producers use this technology. It not only protects against the mat from producing foul odors; however, it also makes it antibacterial and thus extra sanitary.

Today’s blog post is all about the very best yoga mats for sweaty hands and feet. Here we will publish the testimonials of all such mats made focusing on sweat-resistant modern technology or, in other far better words, the very best yoga mats for all the sweaty people around.

10 Best Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

Dropped into utter complication, what are the most effective yoga mats to acquire in 2020? After checking out the reviews below, it will undoubtedly become less complicated for you to choose the ideal yoga mat for yourself. Make sure to look into the pros and cons of each of the items to recognize keenly about them.

1. Aurorae Classic – Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty Guys

yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

The first one on the list of the best moisture-resistant yoga mats is the Aurorae Classic Yoga mat that scored high marks from all the clients who used it.

Whether its stickiness, thickness, longevity, or weight, the mat’s production was accomplished, keeping in view every one of these common characteristics.

This mat has got common measurements, much like a virtual yoga mat. 5mm Thick, 72 ″ long, and 24 ″ large with an added focal point icon to allow the yogis to keep their focus throughout the exercise.

The 5mm thick rubber is incredibly best for people who sweat a lot and, for this reason, enables the sweat to pass through inside the perforated mat’s surface.

I would certainly not personally mark this as a good idea for making a mat sweat-resistant because this might result in unhygienic problems if left unwashed for even more days. But contradictory to this, an additional advantage is that cleansing and washing out the mat are super comfortable! You might clean it once a week if you are doing yoga exercise daily.

AND IF, cleaning up for you is a problem? No fears, vacuuming would work terrifically too! The mat has been tested to be safe as well as safe. Additionally, the cushioning is kept moderate and would certainly not allow your body to sink into it. This is an all-purpose yoga mat for youngsters, women, and males but exceptionally qualified as the very best yoga mat for sweaty people.


  • No Phthalates.
  • Good padding Yoga Mats.
  • Wonderful natural mats.


  • The top surface is perforated; might have created as totally moisture resistant.

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2. Gaiam Yoga Mats – Best Extra Thick Yoga Mats

yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

It is made from 100 percent pure PVC, making sure a top-quality guaranteed item with a good life too! It is created especially for people who sweat a lot while doing yoga or experiencing Palmar hyperhidrosis.

This mat is extra thick, and also the sweat remains on the top surface of the mat. The appointed thickness is 6mm, marked as an optimum one when it has to do with yoga mats.

The extra thickening also supports excruciating joints, and you would get adequate cushioning to do your yoga exercise pleasantly and firmly. For an exceptional grip and outstanding traction, the mat has got a sticky non-slip texture.

It would certainly comply with the location where it gets put and would certainly not even somewhat be moved due to extending or other flexible yoga methods. Customers have reported that the mat a little creates a bad odor when taken out of the box.

I would recommend you not promptly begin using it when unpacked. Make sure to unroll the mat and also location it in the open air for at least two-three days and then place it right into usage for the very best experience. An exclusive selection of styles and prints is offered for you to pick from.

Select the print that enhances you and your yoga type. If you are someone who is most likely to do the reflection task more than any other kind, try to get a robust, simple shade mat. That is going to keep your emphasis and also aid you do your yoga in the perfect method.


  • Lightweight and thicky yoga mat.
  • Sticky Non Slip texture.
  • Comfortable.


  • Produces a bad odor for few days when unpacked.

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3. Jade Harmony – Best Yoga Mat for Sweaty Palms

Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

The best aspect of Jade Mats is its superb grip! No matter whatever mat from this brand you are going to make use of, the features would not dissatisfy you.

This best yoga mat for sweaty hands has got a moderate thickness of 3/16 inches. Though the thickness is very little, however, the mat is capable of protecting against the sweat moisture from staying on the top surface and keeping you risk-free from slipping risk.

The bottom surface of the mat has a good structure that makes it stay with the ground. The cushioning has been done exceptionally sensibly, as well as you would experience a spongy yet encouraging feel on every part of the mat. You have a choice to choose from 5 different sizes.

I would advise you to either choose the 71 inches or the 74 inches size because mats that are larger than this size have minimal stability when placed on the floor.

Chances are, they might somewhat slide and also disturb the rhythm of your yoga exercise. Readily available in plenty of layouts and shades, choose the one that fits your mood, home decoration, or needs! Most definitely an item worth thinking about.

Nevertheless, I would not recommend it for people that are struggling with joint discomfort because they certainly need to make use of a mat with a bit more thickness for extra softness.


  • Great grip.
  • Superior quality.
  • Sweat-resistant.


  • Little bit thinner as compare to other yoga mats.

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4. Manduka PRO – Best Sweat Resistant Yoga Mat

Must have heard about Manduka yoga mats before? A brand name that has an outstanding reputation when it involves yoga devices! Many clients acquire the Manduka mats due to the resilience this brand name has taken to generate in their mats.

Not just the resilience, yet the unparalleled comfort and cushioning with the best grip and stability make it the best one for all yogis out there! I would mark this as the most effective yoga mat for newbies because it offers high assistance and let the yogis try a selection of yoga poses with excellence—all those people who sweat excessively.

The close innovation caused in this yoga mat is not most likely to allow any kind of sweat to enter the mat and make it sanitary. Rather, it is going to make the sweat leave the surface of the mat without triggering any threats of slip.

The mat is my preferred one because the material is soft, safe, and it also seems like it is not most likely to be severe to your body at all! You can pick from various colors, all ordinary and too strong, to let the yogis focus more during the exercise.

This mat was entitled best for reflection purposes because consumers specified they could loosen up, tranquil, and focus more while doing the reflection exercise upon it as compared to the various other kinds of yoga.


  • Comfortable and Soft.
  • Amazing quality with satisfied customer reviews.
  • Plain solid colors for more focus.


  • Heavy in weight may be an issue.

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5. Clever Yoga Mats – Best Extra Long Exercise Mat

Best Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

Extra cushioning. Wow! Do you know this mat has got an additional 1/4 inch layer of cushioning aside from the optimum 6mm mat’s thickness? Isn’t it outstanding? For youngsters and also people of old age who are in danger of joint discomfort after extreme yoga exercises, try this mat, as well as you are likely to have the most practical experience ever!

Besides the cushioning residential or commercial property, it has got various other fascinating features too. Have a look at it below! The relatively easy-to-fix non-slip surface enables you to perform all sorts of yoga exercises with great confidence.

This mat is best understood for power yoga since that requires the yogis typically to take lots of turns and also stretches, and the mat is likely to supply good stability and assistance during that.

It just evaluates 2 pounds as well as is super simple to fold up and also carry to your yoga studio or outdoors. Generated anti-tear technology would not permit the mat to get a peel, exfoliate, or rip apart when once it gets wet because of sweat. The close cell surface would likewise not allow bacteria, germs, or sweat to get permeated inside.

It is extremely, very easy to clean too. If you do your yoga exercise daily, clean it appropriately with a device clean; otherwise, vacuum it, and your work would be all done! You can likewise read our detailed guide to discover exactly how to clean yoga mats in the house.


  • Extra thick yoga mat.
  • Grippy not slippy.
  • Non toxic and safe.


  • According to some customers design may be an issue.

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6. Gaiam Yoga Mats for Beginners

Best Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

Another one from Gaiam once again! Well, their high quality is ensured, as well as toughness is so considerable; consumer ratings made me include another product from the brand on this listing.

Let me inform you ahead of time that all of their mats have eye-catching prints upon them. For all those looking for a reflection exercise yoga mat, this set is not created you!

Distinctive patterns, as well as designs generally do not let the yogis doing the meditation exercise concentrate upon the activity with confidence and, for this reason, turns out; they do not experience the calm as well as leisure they want to accomplish.

It is composed of PVC, which is a better alternative as compared to rubber but still not the most effective one! I choose to get a TPE mat; however, thinking about various other attributes of this best yoga mat can undoubtedly attract attention.

The mat would not create foul odors, but make sure to maintain it al fresco once you start feeling it is emitting a bad scent. Keeping it outdoor for some time would certainly fix the suffering. As well as do you understand what?

All those purchasing this yoga mat will get a cost-free perk downloadable yoga exercise to aid get you begun with your yoga exercise in case you are a beginner to yoga. The mat is sweat-resistant, too, guaranteeing hygienic conditions. An excellent choice to consider!


  • Reversible Yoga mat.
  • Lightweight.
  • Non-slip and great grip.


  • Stains Easily and Irreversibly.

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7. Heathyoga Eco Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mat

Best Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

For all those that are short on a spending plan and also searching for a fair and also functional yoga mat, this set is your best option! I would instead recommend you all to make a check on this set very first before choosing to get any other yoga mat of your choice on your own.

TPE is the stuff that has been used to compose this mat. As it is stated that rubber or PVC generates a foul odor after a particular duration of use; TPE is absolutely non-toxic and also environment-friendly. It would not give off a low smell also after a year of service.

Yet make sure not to let your pet feline or pet dog damage the top surface with their paws because the material is sensitive too. For maintaining your body at a proper angle and also keeping outstanding balance, placement lines and also sketches have been made upon the mat.

Best for all beginners around who usually hunt for fitness instructors to help them do the yoga exercise completely. This mat is likely to conserve the fee of the fitness instructor and also transform you right into a professional yogi in weeks! 6mm close double-layer design gives you the cushioning you actually ought to get.

The convenience, as well as security of this mat, deserve valuing too. Offered in 6 intense, simple shades, make it less complicated for you to choose the best one. The mat is lightweight and makes it practical for you to carry outdoors whenever you seem like it.


  • New Eco Friendly Material.
  • Body Alignment System.
  • Specialized Yoga Brand.


  • Larger size may be an issue for small places.

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8. Aurorae Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat with Towel

Best Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

This is one more double-layered mat on this checklist. While looking out for the best mats for sweaty hands, I saw that people that are experiencing extreme sweat sickness while they workout always favor mats of better thickness.

Optimized thickness may either be in the form of a 6mm mat’s depth or one more padding layer done upon the top surface. This mat falls under the last classification. It has got an integrated non-slip microfiber towel layer on the top surface for extra cushioning. The modern technology this mat is working upon is very various.

It mentions that the wetter the mats get, the far better the grip ends up being. Typically, we discover that yogi’s loosened grip while the mat becomes damp. However, this mat has got a consolidated towel connected to it; for that reason, all the moisture is going to be absorbed, and also, because of this, you will certainly get unmatched assistance and security.

This mat is durable, light-weight, odor-free, in addition to very easy to wash and also clean off. The material is safe and would not produce a soft scent after a specific duration of use.

You need to take care of the mat with care since the towel material might stop working in shear if used harshly. I would certainly suggest you get this mat because it stands best regarding cost as well as quality. Such a piece pricing listed below 60 dollars is difficult to get! Have a look at this set; you are going to like it.


  • Highly moisture resistant.
  • Good price; complements quality.
  • Durable Yoga Mat.


  • Bad odor for few days.

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9. TOPLUS – Best Lightweight Yoga Mats

Best Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

The next good one on the list is TOPLUS. The moment I saw that the mat is made up of TPE material, I got so much pleased! Aside from a quality assured material, this mat has a superb grip too. Everyone knows stability, traction, as well as yoga mat grip, are incredibly vital aspects to take into consideration since it empowers the individual to perform all kinds of yoga exercises.

The mat is reversible; you can use it regardless. Suppose if the top surface gets unclean or exfoliated because of some problem, no concerns; turn the mat upside-down and also begin doing yoga on it. It has a 6mm thickness, which is not too slim or thick.

I prefer to call it a maximized thickness best for doing the yoga exercises. One of the most suitable types of yoga you can do upon this mat would be Bikram, Power, as well as hot yoga. You may additionally try out extending workouts on it since this mat has got a wonderful grip.

When laid on the floor, it is most likely to stay with its location and not slip or skid from its setting. This is just one of the most vital and significant features that need to be present in every mat; or else, there is a chance of slides and trips.

The mat is moisture resistant, too, and also can serve you well if you are someone that sweats a lot—offered in purple, blue, as well as black shades. Pretty shades to choose from.


  • Eco friendly material.
  • Sticky non slip material.
  • Lightweight.


  • Regular cleaning required.

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10. YOGA DESIGN LAB – Best Yoga Mat with Towel

Best Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

The best yoga mat for sweaty guys! This mat has also got an incorporated towel on the top surface to let all the moisture penetrate it. The material is a natural tree rubber, so entirely eco-friendly.

All-natural tree rubber, as the name indicates, is a natural material as well as would not give any poisoning in the long term. Also, rubber, when extracted from trees, is SUPER SOFT AND DELICATE! However, the cushioning is optimal but not much appreciable.

The yoga layout lab could have functioned more upon the softening component. I would certainly not suggest the mat for the old aged people since they might experience joint pain after doing their yoga exercise upon this mat.

It would certainly be best if you washed it off commonly because the towel part of the mat could hold bacteria because of too much sweat absorption. But cleaning and cleaning are super comfortable also. Toss it right into the washing maker as well as hang it out outdoors for drying.

Rough cleaning is not recommended, yet a slight clean would not diminish the print or color of this best yoga mat for sweaty guys. The mat is lightweight, and as the material, it is made of already depicts!

It has a band upon it to carry it conveniently to your yoga workshop or outdoors, whenever you feel like exercising imaginable rays or on the beach—an excellent option to take into consideration.


  • The combo mat.
  • Eco friendly.
  • Machine washable.


  • Cushioning could have been better.

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How to Choose Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands

The approach for the selection of a yoga mat for sweaty palms is various from choosing an ordinary yoga mat. Here are some vital factors that sweat people require to take into consideration for the selection of workout mat.

Sweat-Resistance: It must be made from sweat-resistant material and without BPA and also latex.

Excellent Traction: Top surface of the yoga mat need to offer superb grip to hands and also feet.

Dry Technology: It would be terrific if the supplier has utilized modern technology that keeps the surface of the mat completely dry.

Non-Slip Back: The mat needs to have an anti-slip base that makes it possible for the mat to stick nicely to flooring and prevent it from sliding and also sliding during the yoga session.

Thickness: It is one more essential variable. A good thick mat offers the customer good cushioning and equilibrium and lets yogis appreciate their yoga task.

Resilience: Judging the toughness of an item isn’t a simple job; for this, you need to forget the price of the item. A yoga mat that provides good value for money will cost you some extra bucks. Review the client reviews before investing your hard-made money.

Dimension: It might differ from one person to another; there are particular yoga mats for high people. Choose a yoga mat according to your elevation and also an available area at your home or studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What can you do for sweaty hands from yoga?

Answer: If you sweat a lot, maintain a tiny towel pinned up to your exercise clothes to swiftly make the sweat quit your hands throughout the yoga exercise. However, it is far better to choose a mat that has a towel incorporated within it. Such a mat would make your hands lower moist while you yoga upon that mat.

Question: How do I keep my hands as well as feet from slipping on my yoga mat?

Answer: A moisture-resistant yoga mat would function best in such a situation! Mats that soak up moisture and also do not preserve any of the damp sweat upon its surface would certainly not create any slip threats for the individual. Nearly all the mats on this listing have got a good grip and also traction, and also would maintain your hands and even feet from escaping on the yoga mat.

QuestionAre yoga mats and also exercise mats the same?

: No! Yoga mats usually have extra cushioning as contrasted to the exercise mat. Aside from the cushioning property, yoga mats have much better grips and securities than an exercise mat. This is because you typically require extra support during a yoga exercise rather than easy exercises.

QuestionWhat is the very best yoga mat for sweaty hands?

Answer: TOPLUS Yoga Mat– Classic 1/4 inch Pro Yoga Mat Eco Friendly: I would note this mat as my personal favorite for sweaty hands. It has got impressive moisture-resistant modern technology as well as is composed of TPE material that is likely to keep the mat hygienic regardless of how many times your hands produce extreme sweat to it.

Question: How frequently should you clean your yoga mat?

Answer: Rely on your timeline as well as the routine of doing the yoga exercise. If you are doing it too often, like day-to-day, make sure to clean it as soon as every two weeks. If you do your yoga exercise thrice a week, after that, it’s alright to clean it off every month.

Final Thoughts

If I went to your place watching out for the very best yoga mat for sweaty hands, the top feature I would undoubtedly consider would be the double-layered top surface.

I mark this as a significant one cause people who sweat excessively do not like to make use of towels after every single step. This would make the yoga exercise too busy for them. So search for the mats having good layering to absorb the sweat and likewise maintain the surface non-slip.

I will certainly be upgrading the article if I get my eyes on any other best yoga mats for sweaty people, except these. Up until then, Good good luck and HAPPY SHOPPING! Make sure to drop down your inquiries below; I would certainly love to help to choose for you the best yoga mat for sweaty hands.

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