The Best Placemats For Toddlers of 2022- A Complete Guide

Toddlers are charming, playful, as well can lighten the mood significantly. However, this spirited nature is usually the factor for a mess you won’t like. The most effective placemats for toddlers protect your table and clean up after an unpleasant toddler easier.

Up until your kid can comprehend just how to decrease the mess, it’s your task to teach them as well as avoid messes that you’ll need to tidy up. Also at the table, a toddler is most likely to throw the food around as well as be wondrous than settle down and eat in. It’s in their nature and you can’t quit it. Placemats can be the most effective companion you can employ for this. They’ll keep your children engaged, keep the table clean, and urge discipline in them.

The function of this short article is to introduce to you a few of the most effective placemats for toddlers so you can ultimately place the cleansing work to rest. Discover the right placemat right here from disposable to silicone, some with plates already built-in.

The majority of placemats for children and toddlers are made of food-safe silicone so they can grip the table without slipping, withstand high temperatures from hot food, and also the dishwasher as well as, if the mess isn’t too large, be cleaned down with simply a damp towel.

Placemats can likewise be made from paper or plastic, as well as while both are wonderful for spending plans, and on the move, you’ll want ones that have some type of sticky or non-slip support to keep them on the table (where they’re meant to be).

10 Best Placemats for Toddlers

Here are some of the best placemats ever released. If you’re looking for several features, simply match them from the last column and have a look at the product.

1. EZPZ Happy Silicon Placemat for Toddlers

The EZPZ Happy Mat– One-Piece Silicone placemat + Plate is a placemat and also an enjoyable plate as well. As a matter of fact, the home plate appears like a smiley location with a mouth as well as 2 eyes ready to hold 3 various collections of food.

Put a sandwich in one section, apples in an additional, as well as cheese in one more all without creating many more recipes you need to clean. If you remain in search of toddler placemats that encourage discovering, self-reliance, and are easily cleanable, the EZPZ Happy Mat is the ideal fit toddler placemat for you.

The EZPZ Happy Mat includes small portions pre-manufactured in addition to it; they develop a smiley face which might raise your toddler’s mood and also motivate a gentler eating period.

Each of these parts can be loaded with different sorts of food and offered right now. Due to their thick nature, they can likewise be easily stacked. Sturdiness won’t ever be a problem as the placemat is constructed with the highest grade of silicone well as will last for life.

Apart from this, the silicon EZPZ placemat is fade-resistant as well as the top quality won’t diminish so you can release those concerns easily. Coral, lime, and also blue the three straightforward yet elegant colors in which the placemat is available for acquisition.

It improves: If you’ve attempted a load’s various placemats and also are tired of the efforts in cleaning them, well, you remain in good luck. The EZPZ Happy Mat is so easy to clean as well as a rinse, you will certainly be relieved of its cleansing capacities.

Additionally, the placemat is dishwasher safe. So, you can put your placemats in the washing machine without a single uncertainty, and also they will appear the very same.


  • Easy to Clean.
  • Perfect fot catching all those spills.
  • BPA, BPS, and other toxic material free.
  • Promotes self-feeding.
  • Durable.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.


  • A strong soapy odor after dish washing.
  • Doesn’t stick that well to many surfaces which makes them easily removable.
  • Soap absorbing mat during washing.

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2. Neat Solutions Disposable Stick-on Placemats

Adhesive strips keep them securely in place on tables since all of us know kids like to throw their plates and paper placemats on the flooring. Our appealing designs keep kids occupied so you can enjoy your meal, too.

Essential for “On-the-Go” protection from bacteria, dust & cleansing chemicals on dining establishment and food court tables. Our Table Toppers are BPA-Free & PVC-Free. (12″x18″).

Toddlers can obtain very untidy fast. However, you can not run around your kids wanting to clean their mess whenever disposable placemats. Cool Solutions has done an outstanding task of presenting the most effective placemats for kids.

Kids adore having fun with anything they can obtain their hands on. With these placemats, you can be devoid of concerns that your child might consume something poisonous.

The table mattress topper is sanitary for all tasks your toddler might engage in. With a dimension of 12 inches by 18 inches, the placemats can sufficiently cover a lot of space and also handle any dust or splash your toddler might make.

A single pack includes over 60 such placemats, so you are stress-free for a long time. Not just that, yet the adhesive is, in fact, on all four sides of the placemat as a result of which there’s a high chance it will not get off until you apply a little pressure (something your toddler won’t do).

Here’s another reality: Visual knowing is much better as well as effective. Wouldn’t it be incredible if your placemat was a natural resource of understanding for your kids?

With this in mind, these disposable placemats for toddlers come with graphic material like animals, numbers, and also little words. These will certainly keep your toddler engaged for the time they are using it.


  • Germ free surface.
  • Extra sticky four sided stripes.
  • Fun and engaging design.
  • Easy applicable and removal.


  • It is super noisy when you’re peeling off.
  • Might not stick to a few surfaces like wood or fabric.

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3. EZPZ Mini Silicone Placemats for Kids

The EZPZ Mini Mat is an all-in-one placemat + plate that suctions to the table, which means that it records the mess and removes tipped bowls and also layers.

The section dimensions (the eyes and smile) are dealt with infants at 2oz, 2oz, and also 4oz, AND the Mini Mat fits on many highchair trays, consisting of ‘room saver’ models.

The Mini Mat is also portable, lightweight, and packaged in a recyclable bag, so it is perfect for dinners out and travels. Made from high-quality silicone that is BPA, BPS, PVC, lead, latex, and also phthalate-free. 6+ months.

Dimensions: 10.75 x 7.75 x 1. Right here’s a thing: Toddlers– they will not stop messing around and also bungling their food, house, or exterior. To keep their consuming mess from spreading out throughout the area, moms and dads are constantly in search of toddler placemats.

The EZPZ Mini Mat is the problem solver. The tiny placemats can fit anywhere, on any highchair, and keep the mess to themselves. Products like the EZPZ Mini Mat manufactured with silicon are resistant to fading, damage, and all other issues you might come across with other materials.

The usage of silicon raises the toughness of the Mini Mat. Although they are flexible, they possibly will not break that easy. Apart from this, the mini mat comes in numerous colors like lime, coral, blue, as well as grey. The sizes are somewhat smaller sized than the various other items as it is built with mobility and also traveling in mind.

They are tiny enough to suit any bag and can be applied to high chairs whenever need be. Not just this, it is the most effective suction placemat as it stays with the table so the toddler does not throw everything around, which can be a huge alleviation.

The eyes, as well as the smile, can lighten the state of mind of your infant as well as motivate them to consume their food gently rather than going to worry.


  • Perfect for mealtime with infants and toddlers.
  • Made from high quality silicone.
  • BPA, BPS, PVC, latex and phthalate free.
  • High durability.


  • Thin and lighter than other EZPZ placemats.
  • It doesn’t stay on table properly.

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4. Merka Kids Placemats Educational Placemat Non-Slip

With the MERKA Kids Placemats Educational Placemat, you get mats all set to show or strengthen vital concepts to your toddler. The four mats educate shapes, colors, letters, and numbers, all with color pictures and also words.

Each mat can change nourishment right into an understanding setting while also containing a mess to make a mother’s life easier. Each mat measures 11 x 17 inches for a substantial adequate size to help little hands find out to lessen the mess.

The multiple-use mats clean easily with a wet fabric due to their construction of top-notch polymer with UV shade printing. Besides, the mats are devoid of BPA as well as 100 percent safe for little tots.

Toddlers enjoy being awkward, and also, there’s so much you can do to quit them. They enjoy it. You might embrace this feeling of theirs by using MERKA’s non-slip placemats, which will go out of the means to protect you from dirty stains.

The printing on the product is going to last for life as it employs UV color printing and an advanced printing mechanism. Cleaning up won’t ever end up being a concern as the polymer used to make these placemats can easily be wiped or washed clean.


  • Non slips placemats for your toddler.
  • Learn something while munch.
  • Adorable by design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Reusable.


  • Sticking to the surface may be an issue.

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5. EZPZ Happy Bowl + Placemat

The EZPZ Happy Bowl is an all-in-one placemat + dish that suctions to the table, which means that it captures the mess as well as eliminates tipped bowls and layers.

At a part dimension of 12 ounces, the Happy Bowl is ideal for a range of foods, consisting of pasta, soup, oatmeal as well as grain. Because the silicone is microwave safe, you can heat as well as serve food straight in the Happy Bowl.

Among the best placemats for babies and toddlers is the EZPZ Happy Bowl, which can protect your table and highchair from the mess your baby might make while taking pleasure in the food.

Among the best benefits of the Happy Bowl is the fact that the placemat is microwave safe. Yes, you did read it right! You can the food in and also microwave it without bothering with the damage your placemat might have.

The placemat is entirely deterioration-free and durable. The silicon material used to make the EZPZ placemats is of top quality and also free from commercial poisonous materials like BPA and others.

It obtains way better: An included element to the Happy Bowl is that they can be piled over one another. So, if you have more than one toddler you’re offering food to, but the food in as well as start at once by stacking them entirely.


  • Perfect for a variety of foods.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Made from high quality silicone that is BPA, BPS, PVC, latex and phthalate free.
  • Built to last.


  • Customers have reported the suction cups are not very strong.

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6. Tidy Tyke Sticky Disposable Placemats

Need a quick on-the-go choice for dining establishments and all those questionably hygienic public spots? (Looking at you, outing tables at the park.) Disposable placemats don’t have to be the lightweight paper ones the waiters give you.

These plastic mats from Tidy Tyke Collection are made from material similar to plastic grocery bags, so splashes will not soak through onto the table as well as these mats stick to everything. Remove the sticky backing cover on each of the four sides and stick it down, also on harsh or uneven surface areas.

A single order includes a whopping 60 placemats, which can be an outstanding selection if you’re looking forward to buying a large number of placemats at once.

Toddlers are creative as well as can swiftly get the hang of exactly how to remove a placemat and also somehow make a mess. But it can be quickly resolved as the toddler layers that stay with the table can look after the lot that’s about to take place.

This is why they are the very best suction placemats to date. The adhesive is not related to a small portion but the entire placemat so they can swiftly be used and used. Rest assured, taking them off is equally as much more comfortable, though it calls for a little a lot more pressure than a youngster might use.

Because they are of ample dimension, they can cover whole seats which you might appoint to a kid. The mess stays near the placemat, which can just be discarded later on. These are, likewise, the best travel placemats for toddlers.


  • Disposable placemats.
  • Elegant design.
  • Thicker and durable material.


  • Not good for delicate surfaces like stained wood.

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7. Safari Disposable Placemats for Toddlers

Right here’s exactly how: Little Ochoo’s Safari Disposable placemats are probably the very best placemats for babies and also are likely to keep them engaged with the animal graphics published over them.

Not just are they superb methods to keep the tables clean as well as clear from the dirt and particles, yet they likewise are easy to apply to the table and also just as easy to eliminate as soon as done.

With a solitary pack of 60 placemats, you’re in for a reward as they supply a plan at the same price as others offer regarding 50 placemats. You might be wondering: Does the area stick to the tables as meant?

Well, with an excellent gluing adhesive on the sides and also the bottom, the placemat will gel itself with the table and will not be gotten rid of even if your baby tried to scuff it out.

So, if you’re seeking low-cost disposable placemats for babies with the added benefit of extra cleansing as well as top-quality plastic, the Safari placemats are an excellent choice.


  • Germ free surface for eating.
  • Safety guaranteed.
  • Improved extra sticky four sided sticky stripes.
  • Easily removed and disposed of after usage.


  • Not best for repeatedly use.
  • According to some customers not a good quality placemat.

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8. UpwardBaby Suction Placemats for Toddlers

The cloud shape fits most high chairs as well as is big enough to cover a wide swath of table tops (it’s slip immune as well). We like the cutting-edge, superb style, consisting of the high sides that keep minor liquid spills contained to the mat.

Constructed from 100% food-safe Silicone, these placemats roll up securely so you can throw one in your diaper bag, leave one on the high chair and have another in the dishwasher.

Making your infant’s mealtime fun as well as entertaining is now possible through UpwardBaby suction placemats for kids and toddlers. The pet cat form imprinted on the placemat is made using Silicone, among one of the most durable materials used to make such pads.

If your toddler is lively and enjoys tossing things around, think me, the UpwardBaby is not going anywhere. With an excellent suction and also rigid material, your toddler won’t be able to get an excellent grasp on the pad to throw it around.

If you are looking for placemats that stick easily, this is the best suction placemat for you. Apart from these attributes, the placemat is made to fit every highchair and can also suit a ziplock. You put the food in the placemat and gently placed it in the ziplock bag. Lock the pack as well as take it anywhere you desire. It will not spurt or relocate an inch.


  • Stress free mealtime.
  • Heat-resistant.
  • Fits on most highchairs.
  • Thicker material.


  • Catches some of the food.

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9. Food Catching Silicone Placemats for Babies

Toddlers love vivid products as well as can spend an extended period merely expressing their love for these flashy things. Keeping this love in mind, the Food Catching placemat was available in a gorgeous mint color.

This magnificently colorful placemat has a unique plate with various sections, each of which can be used to serve multiple sorts of food. This also motivates technique in youngsters. Among the very best features of these placemats is their suction.

They are probably the best suction plate for toddlers available as they are immune to tough pushes and pulls. Most placemats are constructed with a thin, flimsy material that makes them not able to be used in dishwashing machines.

Not these, as they are dishwasher, microwave, oven, and fridge freezer safe as well! This results from the use of silicon as the leading manufacturing material.

It’s durable, tear-resistant, fade-resistant, and also much more. So, release your worries and also purchase these placemats to alleviate your trip into parenting. The QShare’s placemats can fit almost every highchair easily and be used to keep the spills to the placemat itself as it’s large enough to cover the entire area.


  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Durable.
  • Bright, colorful designs.


  • Not appropriate for hot items as the silicone might mix with it.

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10. Merka Explorer Set of Placemats for Toddlers

If your kid likes to learn through visual details, it does not get better than Merka’s explorer collection. Through this collection of 4 placemats, your child can playfully discover and also eat in on the placemat at the same time.

Map of the United States, map of the globe, human composition, and the planetary system are the few graphic materials that are published on the placemats.

With the art of aesthetic storytelling, your toddler will undoubtedly be likely to focus eventually. This attention-grabbing placemat will cool their mood and permit them to engage with the web content.

This enjoyable discovering principle is made by keeping moms and dads as well as educators in the design stage, so their valuable input could be taken. Besides these, the material of the placemat is plastic, which is without all commercial poisonous materials and entirely germ-free.

The placemats are recyclable as they can easily be cleaned by wiping or running them with clean tap water. Given that the placemats are thick, they are also anti-slip. Your toddler or baby won’t have the ability to move the placemat that quickly and will encounter trouble.


  • Easy to use.
  • Thicker placemats.
  • High-quality plastic material.
  • Non-skid backing.


  • The backing might shed

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Buying Guide for Placemats For Toddlers


Many placemats are currently constructed from either silicone or slim plastic. These are both easy to clean and also recyclable. Several of the mats are like giant sticker labels and are disposable. All are excellent alternatives, but silicone is the easiest and best alternative as it’s even more anti-skid.

Easy to Clean

Plastic placemats or those with paper inside with images, need to be hand cleaned as well as shouldn’t take in water. Silicone mats are typically burning out without many layouts besides the shape and also color however can go in the dishwasher. If you want the easiest to clean, obtain silicone or disposable due to the fact that then you do not need to clean the mat whatsoever.


The messier your toddler, the larger size you will want. Although you likewise require to keep the size of your table into consideration too. Not all tables can manage to offer mass quantities of the area to a single toddler, so determine before your purchase.

FAQs About Placemats For Toddlers

What are the best placemats for toddlers?

  • ezpz Happy Mat
  • UpwardBaby Placemats
  • Merka Kids Placemats

Can I use placemats for other purposes after my child outgrows them?

Absolutely! Silicone lasts a long time and can be used as a trivet for making dough, food prep, playing with playdough, painting, and so much more. Throughout your child’s life, you will find a plethora of reasons to keep a placemat on hand.

Are toddler’s placemats machine washable?

Not every child’s placemat is machine washable. Placemats made of fabric can be washed in the machine, but don’t forget to clean it on a gentle wash. Still, we highly recommend reading the washing instructions printed on the placemat pack.

Do I need to use a placemat for kids?

No, you don’t have to use a placemat. However, if you love your table or at least value the money, it’s best to prevent damage from a toddler. From fork marks to liquid soaking in and food slipping into the cracks, a placemat is an affordable way to keep your table serving you longer. Moreover, a placemat helps a child to learn their space and stop taking up the whole table, so it’s a valuable table manners teaching tool, too.

What are placemats used for?

Placemats or suction bowls for kids are used for mess-free feeding. Placemat acts as a shield and protects your table from nasty food stains that are hard to remove. You can sit calmly next to your baby and let him enjoy the meal.

How do I prevent my child from pushing the entire mat on the floor?

The Best Placemats For Toddlers will hopefully prevent children from throwing everything on the floor. Otherwise, teaching a toddler anything will take time and patience. If not the placemat, your child will try to throw their utensils or their plate and bowl. The best way to prevent this is to sit next to them and stop them; it just takes time and maturity, which toddlers eventually get

Why do you need placemats for toddlers?

No matter how hard you try but you can’t stop your little one from creating a mess of his meal. A placemat on a table provides a decent amount of protection and prevents your dining table from catching stains due to the spread of food.

Final Words

I hope we’ve given you enough information so you can pick the best placemats for toddlers. Just remember, kids are playful by nature and you should never limit their creativity. But, to limit the hard work that you have to put in to clean the mess they make, you should choose the right type of placemat. Some of the best kids’ placemats offer durability and larger sizes so they can cover the entire highchair, however, some don’t.

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